athousandsweetkissies: ”White men make up approximately 36% of the population, but commit 75% of mass shootings. What would be called terrorism by any other skin tone is suddenly some mysterious unnamed disease. We as a society are perfectly happy to further stigmatize mentally ill people, who are far more likely to be victims of violence than commit violence, in the service of protecting white supremacy and male entitlement.


So, this bullshit really, REALLY pisses me off. And no I will not do a read more because this is fucking serious to me.

As a mentally ill person, and as someone surrounded by mentally ill people, this post is incredibly offensive. I’m literally shaking, but I want to stay civil as long as I can. I get that what it’s saying is “Mental illness is no excuse for murder.” That makes some sense, you don’t want all these murderers being pitied or excused. Got it, that’s fair. But what it’s insinuating is that mental illness does not exist for murderers. That saying “these terrible people are mentally ill” is wrong. And not only is that factually untrue, it’s dismissive, hurtful, and causes way more harm than you’d expect. You’re literally telling mentally ill people their illness in the most extreme form will be and should be completely ignored. And the only reason it’s making those claims is because you have your own agenda to attack white men.

But why let my opinions go without facts? Before I get into how fucked up that post is, let’s check out each murderer shown, and see what mental illness contributed to their crime:

1. Jared Lee Loughner - pled guilty to killing 6 people and injuring 13 more. According to this link, friends, family, and several health specialists agree that he had a personality disorder develop over the years prior to the shooting. One specialist even states that it is highly likely he was a paranoid schizophrenic. Another report says that he was formally diagnosed with schizophrenia. Also important to note: He could not understand basic orders on simple tasks like walking dogs, and he became obsessive with finding answers to increasingly weird questions. It might also be worth mentioning that he took several high-risk hallucinogenic drugs that could alter mental states when abused.
[Despite his guilty plea with medical documentation, his sentence was not lenient: He had to pay 19 million in restitution, and was sentenced to 7 life sentences PLUS 140 years without parole.]

2. James Eagan Holmes - Killed 12 people in the “Batman” shooting. His mental state was a huge debate during the court proceedings, with some of the information blacked out. However, it was confirmed that Holmes met with multiple psychiatrists prior to the shooting, one of which outright deemed him dangerous. There is sufficient evidence to show that he suffered from dysphoric mania, an incredibly debilitating mood disorder that causes both depression and uncontrollable mania simultaneously. Additionally, there are hints of an obsession: his entire apartment was covered in Batman stuff, as well as enough explosives to destroy the whole building.
[Holmes pled not guilty by insanity, which was accepted. This does NOT mean he will get out free. Provided enough evidence, he will likely remain in psychiatric care for the rest of his life, if not prison itself. He’s currently awaiting his trial in prison at this time.]

3. Adam Lanza - The Newtown Massacre, killed 20 children and 6 adults. Look, I’m not even going to break this one down like the others. Here’s the wikipedia link to his section. You can see all the sources that clarify his diagnoses with Asperger’s and OCD, as well as the lack of treatment and the other possible underlying conditions. Scrolling up, you can see that the amount of planning that went into this shooting clearly took a LONG time, which can be attributed to the OCD. You can check out any of the sources you want. There’s not much more to say, since he is dead there was no trial or study’s after the shootings.
[It’s worth noting that although he killed himself, suicide is very very indicative of mental illness. I can give you Tumblr post after Tumblr post proving it. And Lanza’s suicide was well-planned in advance: he did extensive research on proper methods of killing himself well before he actually did.]

4. Elliot Rodger - Created a Manifesto where he blamed his life on women, then shot 6 people and injured 13 others. I don’t have a choice but to tangent here. I’ve spoken up about him before, but I’m not sure if I ever wrote about him. Regardless, I was so fucking sick of people taking a madman’s words at face value. Literally disgusted by it. Yeah, he blamed women not sleeping with him and a ton of other bullshit. And all you moronic fucks said “OF COURSE! THAT FITS MY FEMINIST IDEAS ABOUT THE PATRIARCHY SO IT MUST BE ACCURATE! THAT’S WHY HE REALLY DID IT!!” And not one post I saw, literally not a single Tumblr user I saw, mentioned that he was mentally ill. That his killing spree was a product of mental illness, and not some anti-feminist agenda. Fuck anyone who tells me otherwise.
You wanna know what I saw, when I researched it? He had seen multiple therapists since he was 8. He was depressive and solitary by high school. He had public blogs and videos where he said the same red flags over and over again highlighting his depression for four. fucking. YEARS. before the shooting. He had been prescribed with Risperadone, used to treat schizophrenia, and rumors about his diagnosis of Asperger’s were unconfirmed, but present. And then, as mentioned with Lanza, he killed himself in a planned way, leaving his Manifesto as a note.
ALL OF THAT points to mental illness. ALL of that points to someone who is deranged. And you Tumblr idiots would rather take his words at face value because they support your own ideals than actually sit down and see the facts as they really are. That you are taking the words of a madman and incorporating them into your agenda is sickening at best. But I digress.


Okay, so what’s my point. I think I’ve proven that each case here has a definite mental illness tied to it. I’ve given psychiatric diagnoses, I’ve given indicative evidence, and I’ve given you illnesses that were accepted as fact by police and courts. So. You see those four pictures? Those four people you want to accuse of just being, what was it? “BAD and EVIL white folk, and nothing more,” as a product of “protecting white supremacy and male entitlement?”


What you don’t realize when you say that is that you have just DISMISSED Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Autism, Depression, AND Suicide as mental illnesses that cause behavioral changes. You’re literally saying that society is using these things as a cover to give these murders better light. YOU’RE BEING PART OF THE FUCKING REASON MENTAL ILLNESS IS STILL BEING CALLED FAKE AND UNREAL!!! And that pisses me off so much! ALL of those I listed often cause immediate hospitalizations. ALL of them can be so severe that one can get US Disability for being unable to function in society, with the exception of suicide because, you know, that LITERALLY makes you unable to function if it is successful. But none of that matters, because it’s all fake, made up by the white men who want to preserve their image where it counts, right? Fuck you.

And you’re not even fucking RIGHT!!!!!! TWO OF THOSE MEN ARE DEAD. THEY COMMITTED HORRORS, NO ONE IS PRETENDING OTHERWISE. The other two will NEVER see normal society again. You want to tell me it’s fucking easier for them once they can blame a mental illness? GO TO FUCKING HELL. There’s no fucking leniency for these murderers! One of them has a FIVE HUNDRED YEAR SENTENCE! These men are monsters. No one is arguing that point. No one is saying “Yeah he did a terrible thing but it wasn’t his fault, he was just sick and needed help.” They are actually saying “Holy shit, why the fuck are we allowing madmen out like that? Lock them up, there’s no helping them!”

No one is defending their actions. And don’t you dare say I am either. The few people who call out their mental illnesses, myself included, are only defending the fact that their mental illness is a contributing factor that our society pushes away. Many mentally ill patients don’t get treatments because they are afraid of what society will think, or because the people around them don’t believe they are sick, therefore refuse to get them help. We want to stop THAT. Maybe if we got more help to more people, maybe if mental illness was signal boosted by these killings instead of thrown out by bullshit logic like this, then MAYBE we can prevent future mentally ill people from suffering to the point of suicide and murder!!! Ever think of that? Maybe if we had started a change years ago with other murderers, these more recent ones might have been handled better and never happened!!

But again, fuck you for dismissing the mental illness side of things for the “white man white power” side. That’s more fucked up then creating the stigma against mental illness! There were three options here: 1. Attach mental illness to murderers, and create this worldview that all mentally ill people COULD be murderers, 2. Attach the illnesses, but use them to show that the problems mental illnesses cause are severe and needs more public research and funding to help these people, or 3. Dismiss the mental illness, making mentally ill people feel like they are wrong or cut out from what’s real, AND use the shootings for your own fucking agenda. Two of those fuel a stigma against mentally ill people. One of them is selfish and disrespectful. You literally chose the worst way possible option. Fuck. You.



What is Dolphin Assisted Therapy?

Dolphin Assisted Therapy, or DAT, is an increasingly popular Animal Assisted Therapy made available through a growing number of programmes around the world and marketed as offering a cure or respite from human illness or disability.

Is DAT Safe?

Dolphins are wild animals and unpredictable, even when well-trained. People have suffered bites, bruises, scratches, abrasions and broken bones as a result of swimming with dolphins. Dolphins are large, strong animals and entering the water with them can present a risk to human health and safety. Disease transmission is a serious concern, as dolphins can carry diseases that can be transmittable to humans.

Does DAT Work?

Proponents of DAT have claimed it can be used to treat a whole range of physical and psychological conditions. But two independent reviews by senior Emory University scholars demonstrate that there is no proven scientific validity to DAT.

Despite DAT’s extensive promotion to the general public, the evidence that it produces enduring improvements in the core symptoms of any psychological disorder is nil” (Marino and Lilienfeld 2007).

They recommend that “Both practitioners of DAT and parents who are considering DAT for their children should be made aware that this treatment has yet to be subject to an adequate empirical test” (Marino & Lilienfeld 1998).

Is DAT Ethical for the Dolphins?

Dolphins are charismatic animals. Their obvious exuberance and apparent ‘playfulness’ evoke in us feelings of friendship and empathy. But DAT is not a service concerned with the welfare of dolphins! Methods used to capture and transport dolphins can be shockingly cruel and many dolphins die as a result. In captivity, dolphins have a lower survival rate than in the wild. The stress of their confinement prevents them from behaving normally – hunting, breeding, socialising, resting – often making them ill and resulting in premature death.

Please spread the word and denounce Dolphin Assisted Therapy. This practice is a hoax to draw in vulnerable families with special needs children, and does not actually yield any special results. Not only this, but this practice is inherently cruel to the dolphins. Please boycott all swim with and Dolphin therapy facilities.


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This is like skipping and singing through a cemetery while a funeral is in session.




This is like skipping and singing through a cemetery while a funeral is in session.



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My favorite exchange on twitter tbh


Anyone wanna talk about how


Tyler Seguin decided using his crotch as a golf tee was something that needed to occur?

Because I feel like it should be since we just decided this kid had smartened up enough to have another twitter account.


It’s not like he was speeding, drunkenly, through the place on a cart…


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