tbh I’d probably spend the day sprinting laps around this pretending I’m on wipeout



Mary Katherine Gallagher is my spirit animal.


I feel like I need to have walls full of photos by Vivian Maier

They’re all so beautiful.


Vivian Maier

From Self-portraits


I wonder if handicapped people go around calling each other retarded…


"If they’re so innocent, why do they stay there?" is one of the most ignorant questions that a person could ever ask about the innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Why do they stay? Because everything they know, everything they they have is there, and how on earth are they supposed to leave, without being suspected of being a terrorist? They have nowhere to go - that’s why they stay, and that’s why we can’t go over there and just nuke up the entire freakin’ place.


Me to my cat: I love you so much, I’ll kick you in the face

He tries to run out the door and we’re moving onto a somewhat busy street and I’m really scared he’ll run out and get hit…


Killing a person with cancer and bipolar disorder, who isn’t taking their medicine, is like killing a drug addict.. It just takes much more time. 



In response to all the people googling fall pictures and posting them as their own… here’s a landscape shot I took this morning, I hope you like it.